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We've included a video montage of this concert so you can get an idea how it will look, sound, and feel - and to see if it's right for you and/or your community. 

You can also check out our FAQ along with our setlist so you know exactly what to expect at the concert.


You'll notice that there's very little required by the host church - we like to keep things simple. That means we will take care of many of the logistics (sound, lighting, promo material) so you can focus on simply spreading the word.

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My name is Sean Dayton and I'm a musician from North Bay, Ontario (Canada). My wife, Aimee, and I have had the privilege of performing and leading worship in churches across Canada, United States, and England for the last 15 years. We've recorded several albums and visited hundreds of churches. It all started for me in the early 2000s as the guitar player for Paul Baloche (Open The Eyes of My Heart). 

Our vision has remained the same over the years (to impact people through music), but we had a realization that most of the people attending our concerts had already been to many other worship events. So, we started thinking ... what if we created a music event that reached people outside of the church - but in a way that was meaningful, inspirational, and spiritual. An event like this would become a bridge for church-goers to invite their friends, neighbors, and co-workers. 

Thus, Music For The Soul was born. We carefully curated a setlist (see below) that would encourage and inspire music lovers (Christian or otherwise) to see beauty and sacredness all around us. It's a collection of songs about life, love, hope, faith, and a reminder that "Every good and perfect gift comes from Above."

This is an event for churches who want to reach the community in a unique way by offering a night of music and encouragement.

We just started doing these events and the feedback has been great so far. Our first concert was held at St. Brice's Church in North Bay and according to Rev. Peter Armstrong the event was "Outstanding" :) You can see his full letter of recommendation here: CLICK TO DOWNLOAD


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"Sean and Aimee Dayton offered a concert at St. Brice’s Church in North Bay. I found the concert to be outstanding, and am very pleased to recommend them to your local church."

- Rev. Peter Armstrong [North Bay, ON]


Q. How long is the concert? 

A. The concert runs approximately 70-80 minutes.

Q. Why do you sing secular songs? 

A. Music is a language that can speak to the heart - and in order to reach people outside of the church, we felt it was important to include some music that would be familiar. We also believe that art can point to (and be a reflection of) our Creator.  This is why we carefully selected the songs for this concert. 

Q. Who provides the sound equipment? 

A. We provide all of our own sound and lighting.

Q. What about promotional material? 

A. We design and edit the poster and then send a digital copy for host churches to print. We also create a Facebook event page for easy sharing and then run ads depending on the city/town. The rest is up to the host church to invite their congregation, local churches, and others in the community. But we try to provide everything needed to make it easy to spread the word.

Q. Anything else we need to provide? 

A. A light dinner would be appreciated - but it's not totally necessary.

Q. What if we can't afford the cost of hosting?

A. In many cases host churches are able to cover and/or sometimes surpass the concert fee by selling tickets or taking donations. Having said that, we don't want finances to get in the way and would be happy to discuss other options that might suit your budget.

Q. What is the cost to book you?

A. $500 (CAD) is our target which covers our performance fee, gas, food, sound, lighting, and marketing. We try to factor everything in to keep the work / logistics to a minimum for the host church. That way we can ensure a high quality event for your congregation and community.

Q. Do we need to provide accommodations?

A. It depends on where you are located but we'd be happy to discuss various options with you.

Q. What is the best way to recoup our costs? 

A. There are a few options: Ticket sales for $10 could work or you could do "Admission by Donation" which typically averages around $5 per person. i.e. If 100 people attend the concert then you will either bring in $1000 or $500 (depending on how you handle admission). Some churches will also see this as a ministry outreach event and decide to offer a free concert for the community.

Q. Why does it cost so much?

A. There are many costs (seen and unseen) associated with touring. On top of gas, food, equipment rental, there's also the hours of driving, rehearsing, setting up, days off work (from our other jobs), wear and tear on the vehicle, instrument repairs, childcare for our two kids, and time away from family. We love touring but it is costly in many respects :)

Q. Is it a good event for children?

A. Absolutely! This concert is great for all ages (really, anyone who enjoys music).